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About Me

Personal Manifesto

I believe that family is everything and that friends who feel like family also feel like home. I believe that some people will spend their whole lives not knowing what they want to do with it. I am one of them. I believe there's some kind of mood-boosting magic in ice cream, a body of water and cedar trees. I believe in being free to explore, free to fail and free to evolve. Weekends are for getaways and hikes. I believe we should all do more yoga, even if that simply means just sitting or laying on your mat. I believe in finding the balance between hustle and rest and that's it's okay to nap later, but not for long. I believe there is something attractive about living solo off grid, and that newer doesn't always mean better. I believe in the importance of spending time with yourself, but most of all, I believe that by and large, a simple cup of coffee is the best way to start the day mindfully.

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Freewheeling Spirit


I was born and raised in Cranbrook, BC, on the traditional and unceded territory of the Ktunaxa nation. I acknowledge and thank members of the ʔaq'am (St. Mary's) community for continuing to care for the land in which we stay. The ʔaq'am community is within an area known as the Rocky Mountain Trench. It's surrounded by the Purcell and Rocky Mountains with the most perfect view of Fisher Peak, the highest peak in the Southern Rocky Mountains. 

I would climb that mountain later in life, unlike my peers who all did it growing up. But I would climb it with my dad when he was in his sixties. It's not quite 10,000 feet, 9,327 actually, it's challenging and relentless in spots, beautiful in others and pretty darn spectacular when you get to the top.

We grew up outside. Running our own nature club, playing down by the creek, swimming in the lakes, hiking in the mountains. I lost that for a bit - city living and accessibility inhibiting my desire to get outside and do more. But in 2019 I returned to the Kootenays, turning my weekend adventurers into 7 day a week opportunities to get outside. Hike the ski hill in the summer, fish the rivers in the evenings, forage for huckleberries, even camp and hike on a weekday with still enough time to return home and get ready for work in the morning. 

I'm not an expert on the outdoors, sustainability or environmental protection, but I try keep my footprint light, my feet on the ground and hope to inspire you to do the same. 

"The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom" - Theodore Roosevelt

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