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Into Bugaboo Provincial Park, BC

Bugaboo Provincial Park in Southeastern BC is easily one of the most spectacular places. People have called it the Peru of Canada and it's said to be one of the best climbing destinations in the world. We did it in September 2019, stayed two nights in the Conrad Kain Hut and vowed to visit again every year from then on out. Experience it with us in this amateur video shot on my classic iPhone 5S, Into the Bugaboos.

Bugaboo Provincial Park is located between Golden and Radium, about 50 km up a gravel road that starts at Brisco. There are a two main destinations in the park that are not accessible from one to the other - Cobalt Lake and the Conrad Kain Hut near Boulder Camp and Applebee Dome where most climbers set up in the summer months.

Destination BC has a short video with far better visuals of this stunning landscape that you should definitely view here.

For more details about Bugaboo Provincial Park, visit the BC Parks website and check out the map of the entire area.

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