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My Top True Crime Podcasts

The fascination and popularity of true crime podcasts is real. Here's a round up of some of the best true crime podcasts I've listened to over the years, excluding Serial, because isn't that what started this craze in the first place?

People say "I could never do it", referring to the drive I do from Kimberley, BC to Calgary, AB at least once, usually twice per month. I love it though. Podcast lovers rejoice man. It's when I get my best listening time in and can burn through a ton of episodes.

Because of that, I have a pretty good list of some of my fave podcasts and episodes, so to start, here's my recent list of top True Crime Podcasts. Some old, some new and listed in no particular order. Let me know what you think. What have you listened to? Did you like it? And if you have any recommendations, please, let me know.

Listener discretion - don't Google any of these.

Top True Crime Podcasts

1. Up and Vanished - Season 1: The Disappearance of Tara Grinstead

Was totally hooked. Would put it on as soon as I got up in the morning, listen while getting ready for work and crushed it entirely in like a week. This podcast was one for the books, and I mean that more in terms of what happened because of it. Season 2 was good, season 1 was unreal.

Killed it in a weekend. Started after work on a Friday driving home from Calgary and didn't stop listening until Sunday pretty much when I finished.

So weird dude.

How does this shit happen in real life? What a creep.

You know the story, the podcast is just as gut-wrenching and heart breaking. My favourite episode was episode 11, The Takedown. You'll start to notice I have a real Payne Lindsey theme going on here.

I am currently OBSESSED with this podcast. I think it's because I'm aware of all these cases from having lived in Calgary. What makes listening to them easier is that Nancy Hixt is so compassionate towards the victims and their families, she tells their stories in a way that is respectful and celebrates the beauty and life of the individuals lost too soon.

You gotta know this one. Kristi, the aussie who lives in Toronto and started podcasting out of her closet? This one's been a staple in my library for years.

I can't even. What a POS. Him and Harvey Weinstein.

I just discovered this one and have listened to the two most recent seasons, one of which is about Aaron Hernandez. Now I'm circling back to the beginning. I have to admit, Dr. Phil is funny sometimes, I kind of like it. Way too many commercials for his wife's facial products though. Way too many.

See comments under #8.

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