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White Boar Lake Near Kimberley, BC

Most places like this aren't accessible by vehicle, you often have to hike into them and gain some serious elevation. White Boar is a glacial lake that you should visit, and here's why. 

Girl paddle boarding on glacial lake near iceberg

Most places like this aren't accessible by vehicle (although this one is touch and go even in a 4x4 truck - don't say I didn't warn you), but you often have to hike into them and gain some serious elevation. White Boar is a glacial lake you should visit and accessibility by a trusted vehicle is just one of the reasons why.

White Boar Lake is a small sub-alpine lake that sits perfectly under the cliffs of Mount McKay. You can hear it rumbling as chunks of glacial snow break off and drift into the lake after making their way down the mountain. If you camp there and wake up to the noise, forgetting where you are because you drank too much beer, you might think there is a small earthquake or avalanche happening nearby.

There's no hike into the lake, it's just a short walk from the parking area so you can pretty much bring in any watercraft you can carry. This is the best way to explore. You can paddle the lake, eat lunch on one of the islands, and scope out your next exclusive island campsite towards the end of the lake. It's also a great place for recreational fishing. 

To get there drive highway 95A from Kimberley going south to 500 m north of Marysville. Or vice versa if you're coming from the south. Here turn west onto St Mary Lake road. Drive 16k (at 27k sign) and turn left, crossing a wooden bridge shortly (over St Marys river).

Take second right (very sharp turn) to Hellroaring rd. Drive 1.6km and turn right to Meachen rd. Follow this rough gravel road for another 14k until there is a left fork to the White Boar Lake road at the 16k sign.

Drive up this left fork on a very narrow and rough road uphill for 3km. (or take your bike/walk if the road is in bad shape) The elevation gain to the parking spot is about 200m(700ft) and there is a wet spot, washout near the parking area. Walk down 100 meters to the lake. (Directions taken from

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